Seven Valuable Tips for Networking

Seven Valuable Tips for Networking

Successful business networking goes hand in hand with managing a successful business. It helps one grow his businesses’ circle of influence and gain greater resources for the business. However, many business people do not understand the fundamentals of conducting a fruitful business networking. Most often, people just introduce themselves to a bunch of strangers in a networking meeting and fail to adopt valuable networking tips that would derive much benefit to them thanthey fantasize. Here are some useful networking tips to put to practice:


  1. Desist from arriving late in networking events

Always strive to arrive early in any networking event. It gives you the opportunity to grab conversation partners before others arrive and thus you stand a better chance market yourself and create useful contacts for the business. Arriving late would deny you this opportunity and besides, people shall have formed groups and you will miss a chance to chat and develop contacts with them.

  1. Try asking easy questions

While at a networking event, do not wait for someone to approach you. Walk into groups or to people and get the conversation started. For instance, you can approach a group and ask, “Can I join please?” or still you could as well inquire what brought them to such event.  You could not be a natural extrovert but probably you are a good listener. Listen closely to their replies as this will help you know them better and evaluate whether to establish a network or not.

  1. Never hijack conversations

It’s possible that not all who attend networking events are interested in establishing relationships. Those who dislike networking may overreact in conversations but keep in mind that successful networkers feel satisfied making other people happy.  Try repeating their names, maintaining eye contact and listening keenly to what they are saying. More important, suggest topics of discussion and resist being a talker but rather a conversationalist.

  1. Avoid doing sales

Networking provides a platform for establishing relationships and not doing hard selling with people you meet. Keeping yourself clam, light and informal as well as exchanging fun will make people enjoy your company. The basic clue is to get the conversation started and going. Many people often prefer doing business with people whose company they enjoy.

In cases where customers ask about your services or product, provide easy descriptions of the sane or company. You can create a mental list of the latest milestones the company has achieved or made before going to the event. This will simplify your work during the conversation.

  1. Remember to share your passion

Letting people know of your enthusiasm for your product and services is one good way of winning people. Therefore share your enthusiasm with others. For example, telling a story about what inspired you to create your company leaves a lasting impression in your conversation partners and is very contagious. Create a memorable two-way chat with people by inquiring their passion for what they do.

  1. Maintain a smile

Smiling is often simple but overlooked by many. It puts your nervous self at ease and portrays you as warm and inviting to others. Before entering the meeting rooms and/or before starting your next conversation, always give a smile. Check any negative attitude before meeting people if you dead the event.

  1. Do a follow up

As it’s always alluded, networking forms the beginning of conversations, not the end. During the exchange with your conversation partners, ask what ways they prefer for contact-email, phone or social media (LinkedIn) – and get in touch within few hours after the event. This will assure them of your interest and availability. Make reference to the discussion you had during the meeting.


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